Dice (Short Science Fiction)

Link was dozing off in his chair.

Then an observation report came and woke him up.

Tyron vanguard observation ship No. 89 found a strange primitive civilization.

” We found a primitive planet called Earth, whose indigenous carbon-based quadruped mammal “human” has developed to the stage of primitive industrial civilization.

At the moment, its primitive industrial civilization is in a hot war. The two large national alliances are fighting each other with ground armored forces, atmospheric flying forces, and surface fleets. Some of the alliance leaders have mastered the research of early nuclear weapons, which will fundamentally strengthen the potential destructive power of the conflict.

Observation ship No. 89 has finished reporting and awaits further instructions. “

Link listened and fiddled with the dice that determined the fate of the primitive planet.

The six sides of the dice read: observation, departure, login, purification, enlightenment, and destruction.

Then he yawned and threw the dice into the air.

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