Is Jade Rabbit just Chang’e’s pet?

The rabbit is a kind animal. The rabbit demon in the Journey to the West is a monster with weak combat power. But the truth is…

From a reader’s perspective, the Jade Rabbit is Chang’e’s pet. It chose to go down to earth and became a demon. She forced Tang Monk to marry her.

The Jade rabbit also explained why she came to earth. It turned out that the princess of Tianzhu had a little friction with her in the heavenly court. The Jade rabbit was slapped by the princess. In order to revenge for this slap, the Jade Rabbit went down to earth and tried to teach the princess a lesson.

The Jade Rabbit jailed Su’e, the real princess, in a temple and made her suffer a lot. She herself changed to a princess. Tang Monk was selected by the fake princess and almost became a son-in-law in the palace. It was Wukong who saved Tang Monk.

At the same time, Wukong also solved the king’s great trouble and pulled out the fake princess. Wukong wanted to declare his name to scare the Jade Rabbit. Unexpectedly, the Jade Rabbit was not frightened. Her words almost scared the monkey king to death. In these words, the Jade Rabbit revealed her identity:

“You don’t know my weapon… I had it when chaos opened, and The Great Beginning of Universe declared me to be the first. The origin is not like earthly things. My nature is born in heaven… In the Guanghan Palace, I beat immortals with a pestle! “

According to the Jade Rabbit, she already existed when the universe is still in chaos. The pestle in her hand is more powerful than the golden cudgel of the monkey king.

No wonder Chang’e has such a powerful pet. Her own status is high enough.

On the way to get the scriptures, Wukong only bowed down to two immortal to plead guilty. They were Maitreya Buddha and Chang’e. This can prove her extraordinary status.

However, the Jade Rabbit didn’t bully people. She was not ambitious either. What she wanted to do was to keep her dignity. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is the motto of the Jade Rabbit. She just didn’t know that she would meet Tang Monk in the process of revenge, which was a bad fate.

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