Both purple gourd and lanolin bottle can absorb people. Why did Lord Lao Zi build treasures with the same function?

The talent of Lord Lao Zi in refining weapons is unmatched. In the Journey to the West, his magic weapons appeared on the road of getting scriptures many times. However, even if he has talent, he can’t waste it at will. Both purple gourd and lanolin bottle can absorb people. Why did Lord Lao Zi build treasures with the same function?

Purple gourd and lanolin bottle were originally used by Gold Horn Great King and Silver Horn Great King to deal with Wukong. Finally, they themselves were put in the bottle.

The purple gourd has complete functions, while the lanolin bottle seems to be a rough imitation. To be exact, the lanolin bottle is a defective product in Lord Lao Zi’s treasures.

When reading the lanolin bottle in the original text, the reader’s first thought should be Guanyin’s lanolin jade clean bottle, which contains sea and ocean all over the world. She only needs to gently dip a little water in it with willow leaves, and then sprinkle a few drops, the ginseng fruit tree will come back to life immediately.

For this reason, it aroused the curiosity of Lord Lao Zi. He once made a bet with Guanyin. He put the willow leaf into the Bagua furnace to see if it would be burned to ashes. As a result, the willow leaf was still the willow leaf the next day. Guanyin won the bet.

Lord Lao Zi is also an unyielding person. He gets up from where he falls. Taking advantage of his enthusiasm, he makes a fake clean bottle, which reverses the functionality of the bottle.

However, fake is fake after all. Gold Horn Great King paid for Lord Lao Zi’s mistake. If Lord Lao Zi wasn’t proficient in the art of bringing the dead back to life, I’m afraid Gold Horn Great King would have tea with the king of hell.

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